Pascale LEMUHOT - Creator & Editor

No, no, no...I am not a shopping addict! Even if I am French and Parisian! But I like to offer quality gifts to my family and friends. Or to return, from a nice trip in France or abroad, with an authentic local souvenir.
I have the chance to live and work in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And in a very attractive & creative country. Tourists from all over the world are in awe when visiting them...And as a local, I often helped them to find their way around. My 20 years of professional experience in industrial business & international transportation, my expatriation times, and my background shaped me like this: I love to exchange and work with people from other countries and cultures. And trust me, I know what it is to find yourself lost in a foreign city 🙂
So why not combine the pleasant and the useful? Creating the first website for tourists, dedicated to the shopping of Parisian and Made in France products, is my way of sharing French Savoir-faire and Culture. And helping authentic French brands and craftsmen shine abroad is such a pleasant professional challenge.
So, follow the Parisian Sparrow shopping tips, I redacted them especially for you! And who knows, our paths might cross in Paris one day... Awaiting for that moment, I wish you a tremendous French shopping experience!

Angéline Melin - Illustrator

Angéline, 39 years old, Parisienne … Fashion, the Eiffel Tower, Paris, the shoes, the greed, the pigeons, the pavements, so many details which influence my universe, which I wanted fresh and spontaneous, Sprinkled with humor. From mischievous girls to small French bulldogs, my pencil walks all over Paris. I graduated from the Studio Berçot in 2008, and having approached several domains in fashion, I wanted to turn my professional way into my puppy love: shoes. Then, one thing led to another, my blog of illustration opened the same year and gave me a new vocation with professional openings. Publishing, press, fashion, Web, events … are the domains I work for now. You can follow my illustrations and news on my website